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Meet The Staff

Susan Kim-Rosas and Nancy Nguyen manage the front and back office respectively. Noteworthy is their 25 years of tenure with Dr. Hikido and his predecessor.

Vanessa Ramos, RDA is our utility person. She can facilitate care in the reception and back office (general dentistry and orthodontics).

Lisa McGuire, RDA works as a chair side assistant. Her role is to facilitate patient care and office efficiency.

Maria Herrera coordinates patient care at the front office. She facilities patient reception.

Mari Karras, DDS has been a dentist at our office for over ten years. She fosters care in the dental hygiene department.

Edelyn Santos, DDS is a dentist and has been with our office several years. She encourages dental health in the dental hygiene area.

Lucy Hua, DDS, a dentist, facilitates care in the dental hygiene and oral health. 

Melanie De Guzman, RDH was part of our office as an assistant before leaving for dental hygiene school. She returned and now serves as a dental hygienist. 


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